Knock-offs of any product are never as good as the original.  And there are some products that you should just NEVER by the knock-off version, like contact lenses from a flea market.

Back in February of last year, Liza Garcia went to the National Flea Market of Lubbock, Texas to buy some cosmetic contacts that make her eyes look a different color.  After three days, Garcia went to the hospital because her eyes became irritated and swollen.  After a couple of different hospital visits, it was determined that she had a bacterial infection in her eye and she is now blind!  Garcia is now suing for damages.

The FDA clearly says that any place that sells cosmetic contacts without seeing a prescription is illegal.  Yeah, it sucks that she is now blind over the contacts, but in all fairness, maybe she shouldn't have gotten knock-off contacts from a flea market and had the confidence to use them!

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