We've all seen it before either in real life or movies…that awkward, incriminating moment when the microphones are accidentally left on. Anyone working in media knows the struggle in one form or another.

Whether it's making sure your mic isn't still hot before you talk s---, or saying something you maybe should not have when it's still live, it can end in disaster.  Well in this situation, and with our society, this guy will probably be fired by the end of the week.

The morning host on Australian radio station 2HD, Richard King, left his mic on while his colleague was doing the weather. The problem is, King was mocking his Indian accent before he realized the mic was live, ending with a very awkward, "Did that go to air?"

No sh--, Sherlock.  Of course it did, and now you're probably screwed. The internet and society in 2017 are not ones to forget.

To listen to the entire embarrassing audio clip, click here!

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