Why is the Spy House in Middletown considered the most haunted house in America? Psychics, historians and regular people all agree that the energy there is off the charts and you couldn't tolerate staying there alone overnight if you had to.  Mediums say it is just too much to handle energetically...even on a bet you would never be able to ride that out. So why is the Spy House the most haunted location in the country?

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The Spy House (also known as the Seabrook-Wilson House) is not the most intimidating structure at first glance...it is just a small building near Sandy Hook in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown. It's what happened inside those walls that make The Spy House the stuff of legend.  It was built in 1648 and used to be a tavern that got frequented by British Troops due to its location.  As the story goes, soldiers would get drunk as a skunk and get lose lips with war plans.  The Innkeeper, Thomas Seabrook, was secretly in the continental army and he believed in keeping his enemies close. He used the tavern as bait to let them gather and offer up important war secrets that he would later bring to continental officers. Let's just say there were plenty of drinks on the house!

The location of the home was also super important because Thomas Seabrook could keep a close watch on the seaway. The tavern is situated along the ocean and also has a view of the Hudson River and New York City so he was able to see ships coming in and out and that kind of warning was pivotal in winning the war. So this was a Spy House in more ways than one.

There were rumblings of spirit energy even back then...Thomas allowed seances to be held in the home and many think that allowed a portal to open for both good and bad spirit energy to enter and stay.

Fear Night
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Once the tavern owner Thomas Seabrook passed away, locals reported his presence in a different way. About 30 years ago a woman claimed that Captain Tom horned in on one of her phone calls. The woman was calling her mother in law who lives close to The Spy House. While on the phone they were hearing strange noises and voices on the phone line. The woman thought another person was listening in so she yelled, “This is not a party line. Who is this?!” The voice responded, “You know who I am…this is Tom.” She and her mother were confused and asked who Tom was. He said that he was Captain Tom and that he lived across the street. Then he shared details about her life, her children, and things they did recently and things they did a long time ago (both in private and public around the home). Then he said bye and disappeared into white noise. The woman would be brought to tears every time she recounted the event.

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash
Photo by Jan Canty

Mediums who have visited the Spy House (there have been many) have all reported Captain Tom's presence. Many have said that he poked and pushed them.  Apparently he wants to be heard because pots and pans would bang together inside the home with no one in the room as well.

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash
Photo by Jan Canty Unsplash

Another spirit has been seen by many locals.  To this day people see "the woman in white" frantically walking around the upper level of the house and watching out the window.  Historians say she was the widow of a soldier, that was allowed to stay there with her newborn after her husband died in the revolutionary war. She is commonly seen by guests from the outside walking from room to room holding her baby and then disappearing.

Pirates are also known to haunt the building as well.  One by the name of Henry Morgan traveled the world looking for treasure and new land. He stole gold and valuables along his travels and he stored them under the home. Henry’s first mate made a daring attempt to steal the treasure by attacking Henry with a sword but he was not strong enough. As punishment, Henry severed off his head and threw the body into a well.

The Spy House is not for the faint of heart...it's a real life haunted house. Would you spend the night there alone for 1 million dollars? Scroll through to see the most horrifyingly haunted places in New Jersey!

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