For the first time in four years, a humpback whale has been sighted in the Hudson River, according to NBC.

The latest sightings began Monday and continued through Tuesday, according to witnesses. But while the latest sightings may have made some take to social media with their exciting videos, some experts are concerned the massive mammal may get hurt swimming this far up the river.

Experts say whales can and will swim up the Hudson if they're following their meal, which is usually fish, plankton, or krill. After all, the average weight of an adult humpback is over 66.000 pounds, so they've got quite the huge appetite to take care of.

How much? Try about 4,400-5,500 pounds of food per day. Thought you could stuff your face like a fat pig during the holidays? Experts say this is the prime feeding season for the humpbacks.

Whales in the Hudson 

Sources say that Monday's sighting was near the Intrepid, while some of Tuesday's were near the Statue of Liberty.

Some experts feel the animal may just be here to feed, and then chill for a while, before it returns to the ocean. The nonprofit group Gotham Whale says that the 2016 humpback hung around near Manhattan for about a week. But some are worried the whale could be hurt with the heavy boat traffic in that part of the Hudson.

But of course there are other times when a humpback and a boat collide, and the boat thoroughly loses that battle.

Endangered Status 

Conservationists closely track the animals around the world, which at one time were hunted almost to extinction. says that the current numbers are estimated to be over 80,000. Sadly though, some of the whales you hear about in the news end up beaching themselves and that's never a good thing. Hopefully, this particular whale enjoys its latest meal and safely finds itself back out to the Atlantic without a scratch.

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