Another day, another week, another unlocked-vehicle burglary in Ocean County.

Police Chiefs and departments across the area including Stafford, Jackson, Lakewood and Barnegat, have repeated the same message over and over and over again -- lock your cars, bring your valuables and keys with you inside your house.

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Stafford Police Chief Tom Dellane, among those chiefs, recently came up with a plan to prevent these car burglaries by drivers following the aforementioned advice and have his officers do more checks on which vehicles are unlocked by "checking high end cars in the area during the evening and overnight hours."

If a vehicle is found unlocked or the keys are visible from the outside, then Chief Dellane said they "will be knocking on citizens doors to notify them of their unsecured vehicle."

All to really just come to your door and say something like 'hey, we saw your car is unlocked and/or the keys are inside', just a polite and courteous way of trying to help make sure your vehicle isn't looted or stolen.

"We will always follow up to make sure that no crime has occurred and advise the property owner so that they are aware of the condition. Our main objective is to serve and protect our residents and visitors," Dellane said in a recent letter to the community.

Another incident occurred earlier this month before his letter came out.

Stafford Police said that they responded to a home on Beach Haven West Boulevard on August 9 for a report of burglary and theft of items from an unlocked motor vehicle.

On scene, police learned that the suspect had used a stolen credit card taken from the vehicle.

hen they reviewed video surveillance, police were able to identity the suspect as Edward Meinwieser, 38, who has a last known address in Whiting.

On August 10, Meinwieser was arrested, police said, on the strength of a warrant issued by Stafford Township Municipal Court.

Meinwieser is charged with Theft, Theft of a Credit Card, Burglary, and Unauthorized Use of a Credit Card.

He was then brought to the Ocean County Jail.

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