With temperatures dropping into the teens, this snow isn't going anywhere for a while. You might as well make the best of it by enjoying some winter outdoor activities - what's more of a winter tradition than sledding?

When I was at Monmouth University, we would either sled down the walkway of the then-newly-built underpass, which had a decent slope; we could also go down the hill outside Wilson Hall. If we were off-campus, we would hit "Cemetery Hill" off Route 36.

When I was younger there was a spot just by the Route 88 bridge in Point Pleasant that was popular. When I look at it now, it doesn't seem significant, but younger-me feels like that hill was steeper.

point pleasant bridge route 88

Ocean County isn't exactly known for it's rugged, mountainous terrain, so there aren't really that many great sledding spots. Where did you go as a kid, where do you bring the kids now? Let us know!

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