A linguistics professor researched foul language on Twitter, matched it up with locations, and discovered which parts of the country prefer certain curses over others. (NSFW language, obviously).

Jack Grieve is a linguistics professor at Aston University in England. After collecting almost a billion tweets, along with Diansheng Guo at University of South Carolina, maps were created showing the frequency of certain words in certain states. Check out nine filthy words and the states who love (or hate) them!  The darkest orange areas feature the most use, while the darker blue areas feature the least frequent.


Well based on that, NJ is a shitty fucking asshole state. I'm really intrigued by the dividing line when it comes to the word "bitch", it's like the line goes right along I-195, which is also a well-known marker for the "North Jersey vs South Jersey" war.

Keeping checking Jack Grieve for more updates!