Fun fact: "The Garden State" is NOT the slogan of New Jersey. It's been used on our license plates for a long time, but never officially chosen as the state slogan.

According to PIX 11, the phrase “The Garden State” dates all the way back to the late 1800s, and has been used for everything from the Parkway to a Zach Braff/Natalie Portman movie.

Lawmakers are pushing to make it official, but while we wait for that, how about we vote on what else could be the state slogan?

The Garden State - We could go with the obvious, and just make it officially official.

The Tomato State - The tomato is one of the highlights of Jersey-grown foods.

The Parkway State - We can take pride in the "What's your exit?" joke if we just roll with this name.

The Turnpike State - A slight variation from The Parkway State, but still gets the message across.

The Jughandle State - Sticking with our commuting theme, this is a nice way to remind visitors of what to expect when they cross the state line into Jersey.

The Benny State - I know every state relies on tourists, but I really do feel like we get a special brand of people that make their way into NJ from the surrounding areas.

The Pinelands State - Maine is already "The Pine Tree State", but we can take this variation and make it our own.

The Shore State - I actually like this one the best, I think. Not that I ever use the phrase "go to the Shore", because that is clearly the language of a benny, but I like "The Shore State" sounds.

The Springsteen State - Maybe a few years ago this would have won in a landslide, but lately...not so much.

The Devil State - Let's just fully embrace the Jersey Devil legend! Plus it sounds badass.

Did we miss any good ones? What do you think New Jersey should be known as?

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