Cristen Gomolka has been a friend of mine since our days at Veterans Memorial Middle School. She's become an avid scuba-diver, and the other day she did a nighttime dive at Maclearie Park, on the Shark River in Belmar.

The footage she got was crazy:

It looks like B-roll from The Deadliest Catch!

I'll be up front and say I have no idea what kind of crabs those are, but a tiny bit of research leads me to believe they might be spider crabs? I'm not sure if spider crabs make for good eating, but if so, my friend needs to drop a pot down there and either host a feast or sell 'em and make a fortune.

Thanks again to my friend Cristen for sharing her vids! If you've got any awesome videos, we'd love to share those too (and of course give you credit); so feel free to send anything fun or unique that you'd like to see up on our website.

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