UPDATE: You guys are edumacating me left and right!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in....now let's learn.

Shout out to Bryan K.

"I grew up on the shore my whole life. I’m pretty sure it’s the sediment of all the gords/jetty’s rock. It’s very heavy and dense where as the lighter color sand is made of quartz and other minerals that are less dense. As a result, the lighter color sand gets blown as the black sand sinks therefore creating what you are seeing in the sand ripples.

As to why your dog is smelling them, that is just their basic canine instinct to smell from the base up -- no matter how tall 6 feet or 6 centimeters! Enjoy those beachy views!" 

P.S. Bryan also revealed that he is a manager over at Stella Marina Restaurant & Bar in Asbury Park so show this local business some love when you can!

Thanks to Angel G:

"The dark ripples in the sand are from the under current & tides. It’s pretty awesome how the under current can drag and reform the underwater sand beds and mud. Glad you're taking time to enjoy a few of god's gifts because more people need to. Stay blessed!" 


Mother Nature is a very fascinating artist at times.

With COVID-19 Fatigue being at an all-time high, I try to make a point to take a walk on the beach with my dog, Carolina, at least once a day for fresh air.

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But walking on the beach during the off season is very different compared to the Summer months. From May to September, our beaches' sand is refreshed everywhere and redistributed so the beach is even and flat.

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But this morning, I took a walk and found something very interesting that may be hard to see so I took multiple photos

Let's take a look:

So I know the pattern of the sand is probably from the wind and even the waves because yes, there are times that the tide has come up that high.

But do you see the black in-between the grooves? This is not the first time I have seen it and I am not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing.

Because another thing to note that whenever I see the black in these grooves, Carolina is OBSESSED with taking her time to smell the area. Like what in the.....??

Can someone educate me!?

If you know....email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com and I can put together another article to educate the public because we do live at the weekend after all.

Might as well teach me now because before you know it, we'll be back out on our beaches soon! #VodkaBeachParty


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