Red means stop.

That's it. End of story.

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Why am I telling you this?

Because school is back in session, school buses are all over the Jersey Shore in the mornings and afternoons and what I saw in Lavallette is unacceptable.

So on the island, we have two main roads. They have two lanes each and both head in one direction.

A school bus pulled to the right to drop off a few students. I want to stay they were around middle school age?

Here is a visual to help as I continue:

attachment-Driveway (3)

So the kids got off the bus and needed to cross the road to get home.

The school bus's stop sign and flashing red lights were still active when a car approaching the bus was clearly in a hurry.

I guess they thought since the kids were off the bus, the wait was over. The car veered to the left in hopes of passing as the kids were trying to cross the street.

It was a jolting few seconds to witness.

Luckily, the car slammed on the brakes in time but the kids jumped and then scurried their way across the street.

So let this story be a lesson: Do not pass a school bus until that stop sign folds back in and the red flashing lights are off.

Not only is it the law, but kids have a right to get picked up and dropped off from school with out feeling threatened or unsafe.

Think I am the only one nagging you? CLICK HERE to see what Harry has to say. (Thank you, Harry) 

Keep the kids safe. You hear?

And if you don't, you and I are gonna have problems.

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