What *DOES* it take to be number one? As a wise man once said...two is not a winner. And three? Three nobody remembers. Being "Number One" of all time in ANYTHING is something not to take lightly in today's society and the responsibility of determining such is one to take seriously. Yet recently, Men's Health took that responsibility and spit in its face.

I'm sure you've already read Tyrone A. Johnson's fine missive on the matter. Here's the long and the short of it: Jennifer Aniston was named the hottest woman...of ALL TIME. EVER. IN RECORDED HISTORY. How are more people not outraged at this? If Sports Illustrated named Chris Mullin the best player in the history of the NBA, or Dave Winfield in the history of the MLB, or Tony Dorsett the greatest in the history of the NFL...you better believe there'd be an uproar. Yet only we here at Just a Bit Outside are out-crying against this gross miscarriage of justice. If nothing else, this proves that we are indeed the Only Honest Men in Radio.

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