I was appalled when i saw that Men's Health chose Jennifer Aniston as the hottest woman of all-time! I decided to compile a list of 5 women who are hotter, off the top of my head (in no particular order), and give a couple reasons why. This isn't to take shots at Aniston, but I feel somebody had to say SOMETHING.

Jesse Grant, Getty Images

Racquel Welch

Reason 1: She had a prettier face. (may still be prettier)

Reason 2: She had a better body.

Reason 3: Had TWO children and bounced back.


Francois Durand, Getty Images

Angelina Jolie

Reason 1: Much sexier

Reason 2: Brad Pitt has good judgement

Reason 3: She had a decade where she was number one on every list


Franco Origlia, Getty Images

Monica Bellucci

Reason 1: Prettier

Reason 2: Aged even better

Reason 3: Was in the Matrix


Ron Burton, Getty Images

Elizabeth Taylor

Reason 1: May be the most beautiful woman ever born at her best

Reason 2: Had to be natural because plastic surgery didn't exist back then

Reason 3: Could play Cleopatra, could Aniston?


Caroline McCredie, Getty Images

Salma Hayek

Reason 1: Much better in every physical attribute

Reason 2: Again, aged better

Reason 3: Bounced back from a child wonderfully



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