The social media age has given us a window into the personal lives of pretty much everyone, from our friends and neighbors to our favorite rockstars and athletes. The fun is when one of those celebs gives us a glimpse into their private life that makes you say "huh?"

Todd Frazier shared these images to his Instagram story (for those not aware, stories expire after a set time, so these are screencaps):

Nice! I could go for a giant pancake right about now.

What the hell did you do, Todd?!? Who eats a pancake like that? I know that when you dive into those huge diner/restaurant-style pancakes, it can be a daunting task to finish the whole thing, and the center is probably where you get most of the melted butter and all...but just work your way in from the outside like a normal person, don't turn a delicious pancake into that awful mess.

Am I alone in this? Do you eat your pancakes like a lunatic too?

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