Watch this video and then let me know what you think.

First of all- Why is the weatherman wearing gloves??? He is in Phoenix. Their low temps this time of year is only like 50!!

In my opinion, he is only wearing gloves because he knows that he will have to pick up ice that he knocked over.

Second-The weatherman isn't even sorry. If that was me and it was actually an accident, I would be apologizing emphatically!!! Practically begging for forgiveness. This weatherman just picks up a piece of ice and walks away

Thirdly- The artist doesn't even look mad . If I was the sculptor I would be PISSED!!!!

And Finally- If you look at the weatherman's left arm. He intentionally knocks the sculpture over. He leans into it with his elbow/shoulder!!!!

I say FAKE!!!!!! What do you think.  FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!!

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