I hear it all the time, we need a Cracker Barrel in Toms River, and I agree.

There are empty buildings in Toms River, we ask you, "What do you want there?" It's always Cracker Barrel. It's not just Toms River, it's all of Ocean County. Everybody wants a Cracker Barrel.

Recently I spoke to Kelly at a Cracker Barrel located in New Jersey and she told me how easy it is to ask for a new Cracker Barrel location. I said could we have one in Ocean County, hopefully, Toms River? She said, "If residents from a certain area really, really, really want a Cracker Barrel in their area, Cracker Barrel listens." We need to call Cracker Barrel headquarters. Cracker Barrel headquarters phone number is (800) 333-9566. Leave a message and tell them you want a Cracker Barrel in Toms River, NJ, or one in Ocean County, at least. I just called, I left a message.

The pancakes, green beans, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and those awesome rocking chairs. And, how about the cute little Cracker Barrel store. You can find some fun stuff in there. I love it.

There are several empty buildings and restaurants in the Toms River area that a Cracker Barrel would fit perfectly. Those buildings and empty restaurants were written about on our 92.7 WOBM app. 

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I know we'll get one, hopefully soon. Cracker Barrel has to come to Ocean County and especially Toms River, which would be perfect.

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