Wawa is a reliable option for dinner on those nights when you're in a rush, or on the move, or just don't feel like cooking. We all have a fallback option, whether its a cheesesteak or a bowl of chicken fingers with mac & cheese. Wawa has been adding things like quesadillas or sourdough melts, and now they're testing expanded dinner menus in select stores.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Wawa has rolled out a new dinner menu at six stores, and unfortunately they haven't released a list of those locations. I haven't noticed any signs at the two Wawas I hit up in Barnegat, but I'll be on the lookout.

A breaded chicken sandwich doesn't seem like much of a stretch from the chicken strips they already have, so that should be good. I'd be down to taste a Wawa burger; for a price of $5.49 (plus $1.99 for waffle fries) it seems like it would land somewhere above a cheap fast food burger but below a nicer restaurant burger.

[via WFPG]

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