My daughter loves Wawa. It's always a solid option for something quick and easy, whether we are eating on the run or just don't want to cook that night. While my wife and I tend to go for sandwiches (I love the paninis they introduced a while ago), we usually just get a mac and cheese bowl with chicken fingers for my daughter. Yes, we know it's not the healthiest, but...I have no way to finish that sentence. We don't do it all the time, it's a treat! Don't judge me.

Anyway, Wawa is going old school and introducing a kids meal, complete with a box and games to play!

According to Wawa's website, Kids Meals will be available at some stores. I haven't been to Wawa in a few days so I can't say for sure if the few that I frequent have them yet or not. If your local Wawa does, here's what comes with your Kids Meal:

  • A choice of "entree"
    • a Junior hoagie
    • small mac & cheese
    • cheese quesadilla
    • chicken strips
    • 2 meatballs
    • small chicken noodle soup
  • A snack
    • apple slices
    • cheese stick
    • chips
    • cookie yogurt
  • A drink
    • water
    • milk
    • chocolate milk

Not a bad selection for a kids meal! It all comes in a bright yellow box that, just like the classic McDonald's Happy Meal boxes, will have games and activities printed right on the side. The Wawa Kids Meals do not come with toys, but will include collectible Wawa trading cards.

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