We hear so much about staying hydrated, but it is not just water that hydrates us. We can also get hydration from the foods we eat, one in particular, watermelon. It is loaded with water, hence the name. It has been a summer staple for years. At the cookout, on the beach, or just enjoyed indoors, watermelon is easy to serve and enjoy. We love it.  My family eats watermelon a few times a week in the summer. This juicy fruit is not just tasty, but it is also very healthy for us. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Here's why we should add a watermelon to our shopping cart each time we visit the supermarket.

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    Easy Hydration

    Watermelons are actually composed of 92% water, so it’s an easy way for you to get hydrated on a hot day. Telling your children to take a bite out of a slice of watermelon is easier than getting them to drink a bottle of water.

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    Full of Lycopene

    Lycopene is what gives watermelon its distinct red color. The lycopene is not just for show though, as it is an antioxidant that helps to battle risk of cancer and diabetes.

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    Helps With Digestion

    The water and fiber that even a single slice of watermelon contains is enough to help your stomach more easily digest. Fiber helps your bowels move, and the amount of fiber gained from eating a slice of ripe watermelon is shown to loosen bowels.

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    Improves Eye Health

    The vitamin A in one slice of watermelon is about 10% of the body’s daily value. Eating one medium-sized slice along with a normal healthy diet will help to keep your eyes healthy.

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    Helps Kill Cravings

    The natural sugar in a slice of watermelon helps to satisfy your sweet tooth, but is also good for you. A medium slice of watermelon is around 50 calories, and contains no artificial ingredients. This amount of natural sugar will help to satisfy your cravings, and the 92% of the slice that is water will help you feel fuller.

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