I know the NFL draft is a crapshoot. You can get Ryan Leaf at #1, or you can get Tom Brady at #199.

Everyone has had their opinion about the Giants taking QB Daniel Jones with the #6 pick this year. The general consensus amongst fans was disappointment, but that hasn't stopped the Giants' front office from trying to get us excited.


I understand this is just a practice, but it's not even a scrimmage! The receivers are just running routes, there's no defense on the field, these are just timing drills. Cmon man.

I get that all sports social media teams make videos like that, but the choppiness of the edits and the spastic camerawork make it hard to even tell how well or how poorly Jones is doing. Anyone could look like a quarterback with some creative editing.

I've read all the pro-Jones arguments, and I even read an interesting theory as to how the trade of ODB foretold the team drafting Jones. I'm pretty much at an age where I can't get that fired up over decisions made by my favorite team, so I'm prepared to just sit back and see how this whole thing unfolds. Worst case, he burns out in a few years. Best case, I get another decade of a competent quarterback with the personality of white bread.

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