Each year since 2005, the NFL Network's Rich Eisen runs the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in a suit. It's become a bit of a tradition over the last few years, and his times have been constantly improving in recent years, which is pretty impressive.

Since the Combine is going on now, we wondered who on the show would run the fastest 40 time. So we plotted out a 40-yard-long stretch of real estate in the vacant half of our building and put it to the test yesterday after the show!

While each of us was running, all other show members were in another room as to not ruin the results.

How did it all pan out?

Coming in first place and winning $100 was Steve, who beat second place Justin by only .03 seconds. Joe took the bronze medal. As Free Beer stated when the results were finalized "the dads are the slowest", with Free Beer taking fourth place, and Hot Wings landing in fifth.

As we said before Steve won both bragging rights and $100 cash. Because of Steve and Justin's side bet, Justin now has to dye his eyebrows green. And poor Hot Wings will now have his vehicle wrapped with the design of the rest of the show's choice for a month.

What did we learn? None of us are particularly athletic, but Hot Wings is the least athletic.

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