It's time for BrewMaster Madness 2017!

Last year breweries from all over New Jersey battled in a month-long tournament. We started with the Sudsy Sixteen, to the Effervescent Eight, to the Frosty Four. When the dust settled in our Championship Round, Tomfoolery Brewing Company of Hammonton stood victorious!

This year we have a brand new field of 16 breweries to compete. Voting begins Monday at 7am, and will close each week on Sunday at 11:59pm.

Here's how the random seeding worked out:

1.  Spellbound Brewing

2. Little Dog Brewing Company  

3. Dark City Brewing Company  

4. Icarus Brewing Co.  

5. Beach Haus Brewery  

6. Asbury Park Brewery  

7. Carton Brewing  

8. Kane Brewing Co.   

9. Artisan’s Restaurant & Brewery  

10. Backward Flag Brewing Co.  

11. Third State Brewing  

12. Jughandle Crewing Co.  

13. Rinn Duin Brewing   

14. Pinelands Brewing Co.  

15. Brotherton Brewing Company  

16. Tuckahoe Brewing Co. 

Good luck to all of the breweries, make sure you keep voting for your favorite!

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