"Field of Dreams" came out in 1989, and I probably haven't seen it since around then. I need to rectify that situation soon, and maybe I will make my way to Seaside Heights tonight for a drive-in movie!

The Seaside Heights Historical Society is holding a fundraiser tonight (August 20th) to raise money for the "Moreland Carousel refurbishment fund". It's been a while since I have seen any updates on the status of the Seaside Carousel. It was over a year ago that it took one last ride; late last year the New Jersey Historic Trust gave Seaside Heights a grant to restore it; and earlier this year, Ocean County Tourism shared some pictures of the restoration process. The Historical Society's website seems to be a little out of date, but they have updated to include their latest fundraiser.

If you want to help support the carousel restoration, you can head to the Bay Boulevard Municipal Parking Lot tonight for a drive-in screening of the classic baseball movie "Field of Dreams". The movie starts at 7pm. Tickets are $10 per car, and there's no per person fee. If you want to go solo, it's ten bucks. Bring a date, ten bucks. Cram the minivan full of kids, ten bucks!

As of right now, tickets are still available, and the site says they will be on sale up until 7pm, when the movie starts. I am not sure exactly what the capacity of the Bay Boulevard Municipal Parking Lot would be, so if you really want to see the movie, don't wait until the last minute to get there.

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