New Jersey is a place of constant change.

People are always coming and going, whether it's moving or visiting for a vacation at the shore.

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Restaurants come and go on what seems like a regular basis, Big Dogs Cafe in Toms River seems to be the latest in a string of closings in the Garden State

More on the Big Dogs Cafe Closing right here.

Even places that are supposed to be sturdy brick-and-mortar stores are seeing some changes.

Stop and Shop announced that it was closing locations across the Garden State.

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You can learn more about the Stop and Shop closures right here.

Even places that provide important services to the community are not immune to the unpredictable times we live in.

Places that provide life-saving drugs, annual immunizations, and everyday items that people rely on.

Walgreens Announces Major Store Closures Across The Country

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The company announced that it will implement cost-cutting savings in the form of store closures in order to optimize business moving forward.

Walgreens operates 8.600 locations throughout the country, and in the Garden State, there are 180 Walgreens locations.

Which New Jersey Walgreen Stores Will Be Effected By Store Closures?

With 180 stores in operation in the state, it seems like there's a good chance Jersey will be affected by these closures.

As of now, Patch reports that no official list of stores has been released that'll be getting the axe.

That being said, in a recent interview Patch reports that Walgreens CEO Tim Wentworth said that a significant share of US stores will have to be closed.

These are the long-gone NJ mall stores we miss the most

With so many trends of the 1990's back in style, it's a great time to look back at a strong foundation of 80's and 90's culture — New Jersey mall shopping. Some stores were a highlight, every trip.

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