It's not news to any of us down here, but maybe to the rest of the world, it might come as a shock to hear that you can't group New Jersey's three regions together as one.

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Yeah, NJ's not the biggest state in America, but people from North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey couldn't be more different. Not just the people, but the experiences to be had in all three are anything but similar. A video shared by the channel Living In South Jersey on Youtube breaks down the main factors that prove South Jersey is the best place to live within the state.

1.) Cheesesteaks



You don't have to travel too far, no matter where you're located in South Jersey, to get your hands on a cheesesteak that's just as good (if not better) than what you'd get in South Philadelphia. In Atlantic County alone, we have places like White Horse Subs in Atlantic City and Sugar Hill Sub and Deli in Mays Landing that have some of the most delicious sandwiches you can devour.

2.) Traffic and population congestion




It goes without saying that one of the first facts you'll notice once relocating from North to South Jersey is the lack of traffic. Sure, we have some roadways that get a little congested during the summertime, but that's just because everyone's trying to get to the beaches. On a normal day, you won't sit in half of the traffic you would if you live in a suburb within a 45 minute radius of NYC in the northern part of our state.

3.) Cost Of Living



Let's get real about this point: Jersey's an expensive state to call home. However, there's a huge difference in cost of living from north to south. The taxes alone on a home in North Jersey are ridiculous when you consider what you get for the money. Certain areas in South Jersey might require the same amount of payment for the same home value as their northern counterparts, however the space and property you're getting for the money makes more sense down here. Who wants to pay over $5-6k in property taxes for a home that doesn't even give you .2 acres? Expanding on the cost of living point, gas is cheaper in South Jersey, insurance, etc.

4.) Our Beaches and Boardwalks


Now, we're not saying the beaches in North Jersey aren't picturesque, but the beauty that can be admired as you stroll up and down the beaches of Cape May, Ocean City, etc., can't even be compared to the beaches up north. Also, the boardwalks at our beaches are home to some of the biggest collections of rides and amusements in the country.

5.) Wawa


Google Street View

While it's true that North Jersey is starting to get some Wawas of their own, they're still not on every corner like they practically are in our neck of the woods. Honestly, how do people survive without a Wawa close by?

The points are all true. If you're from South Jersey, then you can't deny it. We're not all piled on top of one another, we've got great food, our beaches and boardwalks are beautiful, AND we have Wawa. What else could you possibly need?

We really do have it made down here.

Source: Youtube

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