So I've got good news and bad news.

The good news: Thank you so much to Christianne and Christopher who emailed me with an answer to the question I asked you all a few weeks ago: "WHERE CAN I GET THIS COFFEE ICECREAM DOUGHNUT EXPLOSION!?" 

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But here is the bad news: we would have to travel all the way to Australia to get this delectable treat at a place called The Doughnut Bar!

Oh and also....we were lied to.

The Doughnut Bar Facebook
The Doughnut Bar Facebook

Originally we were told that this is coffee ice cream, a glazed doughnut cone and a shot of espresso displayed in a syringe.


As you can see in the photo,  this is actually is a caramel doughnut cone with a salted caramel syringe.

But yes, I would still try this FOR SURE. Would you still try it?


Now THIS is worth being fat for.

If you know know I love food and coffee with an undying passion.

So when I saw THIS while scrolling on Facebook,  my jaw dropped. It came from the Facebook Page titled Coffee. Mom. Repeat.

This is coffee ice cream in a doughnut ice cream cone. And you see that syringe sticking out of the ice cream? IT IS A SHOT OF ESPRESSO!!

You guys.....I need this in my life. Desperately.

So I immediately got to work to find out where I can order this beautiful creature for myself.

I am having trouble finding where I can get this.

There is one page that says you can get it in Australia. One page says you can get it in Tampa. I was also lead to The Doughnut Bar but I am not 1000% sure that this place offers it because I don't see anything on their page about it.


How are you going to put this delicious dish in front of me but not tell me how I can get it?!

Cruel. Just cruel.

So now I am asking the masses.

Do you know where I can get this? I don't care if it is not at the Jersey Shore. I don't care if I have to leave the state. I don't care IF I HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

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We are finding this dish.

I thank you in advance for your help in enabling my coffee and ice cream addiction.

So email me at with the goods.

Thank you again to the Coffee. Mom. Repeat. Facebook Page for bringing this into my life.

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