Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Welcome to my collection of just some of my favorite “feathered” friends that I have been fortunate enough to photograph here in my back yard … the Jersey Shore. Now I saw my “back yard” however I didn’t take all of these literally in my own back yard lol but some actually yes. If you are into bird watching you know how addicting it can be and we are always looking to spot a new not seen before variety. One of the most amazing photo shoots was the above pictured snowy owl, which I traveled to Island Beach State Park and hiked the beach for couple of miles trying to find. Then myself and a bunch of other bird enthusiasts sat, at a comfortable distance, and photographed this wonderful bird who was passing through New Jersey for a visit..beautiful bird.

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Another bird, I love them all, I’d like to point out is the Great Horned Owl . I spotted this feathered friend in an odd spot, along the bay front in Little Egg Harbor. More known for forests and inland wooded areas, this owl was having a day at the beach. I was stunned to see him in the marsh and was fortunate enough to get a pic before he headed home. He is pictured below
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