2011 is rapidly coming to a close. Here is part one of a three part year series saluting this year's best.

  • John Shearer, Getty Images
    John Shearer, Getty Images

    Hottest TV Mom

    Sofia Vergara- Gloria from Modern Family wins in a blowout. I don't know if anyone was even close in 2011.

  • Kevin Winter, Getty Images
    Kevin Winter, Getty Images

    Hottest Movie Star

    Mila Kunis- This isn't a slam dunk, but Mila was consistently hot throughout the year while big competitors Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba were having babies.

  • Peter Kramer, Getty Images
    Peter Kramer, Getty Images

    Best Booze

    Beer- The economy hasn't fully recovered, thankfully beer is affordable on almost any budget. 2011 was the year for beer.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Funniest Politician

    Herman Cain- I can't tell you the amount of times I uttered, "Come on Herm" this year. The guy just couldn't get out of his own way. Anthony Weiner had it going early in the year, but Herm rallied late.

  • David Becker, Getty Images
    David Becker, Getty Images

    Best Consumer Product

    The HDTV- 2011 was the year where ALL the excuses for not getting a HDTV died. The prices have gotten so low that you now have to try hard not to have one. Nothing enhances the home experience the way a flat screen television does.

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