Over the next few days, I’ll be rolling out the Mike Krenek’s 2011 Mike Krenek Awards (stylized as MK2k11MKA). Who needs the Oscars/Emmys/Tonys/Grammys/AMAs/Source Awards/Blockbuster Entertainment Awards when you have a non-credible radio show hosts’ picks for the Best Of everything. My favorite television program of 2011 is after the jump.

In the interest of full disclosure, I find most television to be horrifyingly banal. I'm not saying that to be condescending, I'm saying it because its true. I never cared for reality TV, I feel most dramatic shows are too "same-y", and please don't get me started on non-NBC network comedies. However, among the many many weeds, there are a few proud flowers. The brightest of the bunch in 2011 (in my opinion) was Louie on FX. My favorite sitcom of all time (much like everyone else in the world) is Seinfeld. Its "show about nothing" style has been duplicated over and over and over and over again and failed miserably just about every time. However, when I watch Louie, I can't help but be reminded of the adventures of Jerry and the gang. While it still pales in comparison to Seinfeld, Louie is somewhat of its spiritual successor. While it may seem sacrilegious, I think there were two aspects to Louie's 2nd season that were superior to Seinfeld; 1. The man at the center of it all is funnier. Look, I love Jerry Seinfeld, but I love Louis CK more. The guy just gets it, plain and simple. If you listen to his comedy (and in turn, watch his show) and don't find something you can relate to, you are leading a VERY different life than I am and 2. Louie has a warmer center than Seinfeld ever did. It seems odd to think, as CK's comedy is far more acerbic and bleak than Seinfeld's ever was, but there was very little "redeemable" about the characters on Seinfeld whereas there were a few episodes of Louie's 2nd season that had a good deal of heart. The episode "Duckling" divided the critics in a big way, but I loved it. It was funny when it wanted to be funny and legitimately heartwarming when it wanted to be heartwarming. Of course, there were a fair amount of fall-down funny episodes ("Come On, God" springs to mind), but just about every single one had a soul that didn't feel heavy-handed or forced. In the history of TV, plenty of shows have come out of the gate hot for a season and then suffer the ol' Sophomore Slump in Year 2. Yet Louie's 2nd season brought the hilarity and provided the depth we so rarely see in TV comedy.  Unsurprisingly, the show went unrecognized at the Emmys, but hold your head high, Mr. CK. You've just won yourself the most prestigious award possible for any television program: The Mike Krenek Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Television Programs Mike Krenek Enjoyed.

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