There is a YouTube page called TwinsthenewTrend, and it features two brothers who listen to classic songs for the very first time, and you get to see their reaction on YouTube throughout the song.

Since 2015, their YouTube channel has gotten almost 32 million views, and the twins have watched Bob Marley, Cyndi Lauper, Steeley Dan, and so many others for the very first time on their channel.

Just recently they listened Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" for the very first time for their channel to see.

You can see they really are getting into the song as it goes on, but their reaction is priceless once they hear the drums kick in.

Check out the boys hearing "In the Air Tonight for the first time. You will definitely enjoy it. If you are feeling lazy, scroll to the 4:15 point in the video to when the songs kick in and get ready for the drums.

The best line is one of the guys says, "I've never seen anyone drop a beat 3 minutes into a song"


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Andy Chase
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