Yes this a real thing. and I'm actually very intrigued by this.

For a limited time this holiday season, Pringles is releasing a "Friendsgiving Turducken Kit"

According to Delish

Pringles has once again brought back its Thanksgiving-flavored chip kits and this year, they've gone totally extra. The kit this year has been dubbed the Friendsgiving Feast featuring the Turducken Stack. It's exactly what it sounds like: chicken-, duck-, and turkey-flavored chips that can be stacked together to create, well, something that tastes like the infamous Turducken. The kit will also feature Cranberry Sauce-, Stuffing- and Pumpkin Pie-flavored crisps just to complete the meal.

The Turducken Pringles Kit goes on sale this Thursday, November 7th at 12 p.m at the Kellogg's store

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