Halloween is fast approaching, and it's such an awesome time of the year.

The weather changes for the better, in my opinion, we have crisp fall nights and nice sunny days perfect for flannels.

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Of course, all of the best horror movies are streaming on your favorite platform, and the classic Halloween episodes of your favorite shows are on TV.

And it's so much fun walking around Spirit Halloween and looking at all the wild and exciting Halloween costumes and decorations.

Something else to keep in mind as we get closer and closer to Halloween is that Trick-or-treating in some Ocean County towns won't actually happen on Halloween.

Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash
Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash

Officials Confirm Trick Or Treating In Toms River, NJ & Surrounding Towns Is 10/30

As reported by NJ.com and confirmed by Toms River Officials, it does appear as though the date for trick or treating has once again been moved to October 30th.

This is a big heads up, especially if you're new to the area, that Trick or Treating generally happens the day before Halloween.

Trust me, my wife and I made the mistake last year of not realizing this and were completely up a creek when kids came knocking on our door on October 30th looking for candy.

It all stems from the Toms River Halloween Parade which happens each year on Halloween.

It's one of the biggest Halloween parades in the country, and everything you need to know about it is right here. 

Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash
Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash

So, if you live in Toms River, Pine Beach, Beachwood, or South Toms River be aware that once again you'll have Trick or Treaters not on Halloween but the day before on October 30th.

It's also a good note for drivers in the area to be extra cautious on October 30th as they drive around to be on the lookout for costumed trick-or-treaters.

Spirit Halloween is back! Here's every NJ location for 2023

Most locations are open by the end of September but check ahead before heading out. Click/tap on the links for each location for more info.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

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