The #EverySimpsonsEver marathon is going on right now, which means it's a perfect time to look back at my favorite musical guest stars!  These are my [Top5], what are yours?

FOX has a pretty tight leash on Simpsons clips, so these YouTube vids aren't the greatest.


Red Hot Chili Peppers

They rocked the Krusty Komeback Special, along with Johnny Carson & Bette Midler.


Smashing Pumpkins

part of the 'Homerpalooza' episode, along with Peter Frampton, Sonic Youth, and Cypress Hill.


Mick Jagger & Keith Richards/Tom Petty/Elvis Costello/Brian Setzer/Lenny Kravitz

Fine, I cheated and included the whole episode's worth of guest stars...this is an exception because I felt like each guest star was given a great moment to shine, so they're all deserving of a spot on this list. From Mick & Keith's camp bookkeeping to Petty's serious/cliche songwriting to Costello's "image" to Brian SELTZER's name to Lenny Kravitz's stuffed crotch, everyone is great.



If you know me, you might be surprised that U2 isn't #1. They're my favorite band, and not above mocking themselves on the show.


The Beatles (almost)

If there is any band to keep U2 out of my top spot, it would be The Beatles (almost). I think it's a credit to the Simpsons that they were able to get all of the living Beatles to appear as guests on the show, and I really think that if John were alive, he would have done it too. How many shows (outside of a Tonight Show or awards show) can say they've had all of the Beatles as guests?

From Ringo Starr reciprocating Marge's "healthy infatuation", to George Harrison directing Homer to a table full of brownies, to Paul McCartney encouraging Lisa's vegetarianism, along with countless other subtle-to-overt references, The Beatles have a huge impact on The Simpsons.

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