Bedford/Fall River Lilechka75
Bedford/Fall River Lilechka75

It's what I drink, especially on a cold night.

The mini marshmallows are so enjoyable on top of a cup of hot chocolate. Whipped cream is always delicious too, on top.

So many of you wrote me about, "Where Is The Best Hot Chocolate in Toms River" - I'm a bit surprised with what you chose...

Top 5 Best Hot Chocolate in Toms River, NJ; Chosen By You

I work in Toms River and I'm always looking for that perfect cup of hot chocolate. I find diners to have really good hot chocolate and they usually have the best-whipped cream to put on top of it.

To me, hot chocolate is my coffee. It warms the belly and wakes me up. I usually don't choose to have it in the morning, though. I like my hot chocolate at night. Christmas is the best time to drink hot chocolate. While driving around and looking at the lights, sipping my hot chocolate, I love it.

There are several different kinds of hot chocolates you can get. Caramel, dark chocolate, and white chocolate hot chocolate have all become very popular. I will take the original hot chocolate, milk hot chocolate. This was the first year I ever saw the tiny, tiny, marshmallows at QuickCheck. They are amazing and delicious. Maybe you've missed the tiny, tiny marshmallows, they're in a little canister that you can just pour on top of your hot chocolate.

Do you have a special hot chocolate recipe? I know several friends who make their own and add their own goodies, I would love to try your recipes out. Hot chocolate warms the heart, enjoy yours today.

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