Toms River South alum and current third baseman for the White Sox, Todd Frazier and his wife Jackie welcomed a baby girl (their second child) in December 2015. In fact, the photos of their newborn was the most popular story on in December 2015.

So this week when I noticed the adorable family Christmas photos that the Frazier family shared on Instagram, I just had to share some of them. Scroll all the way to the end for a video that will make you laugh.

Remember the newborn baby, Kylie, who we first showed you last December? She's grown up pretty quickly.

And what would Christmas be without some wrapping paper fun?

Baby Kylie seemed to enjoy her Christmas toys too.

The Frazier's oldest son, Blake, seemed pretty excited about his baseball bat. It looks like someone is taking after his father.

But the Instagram post from the family that left me hysterical laughing is when Blake appeared to crash the carriage into a car parked on the street. Nobody was hurt, and it appeared to all be in good fun!

Overall, it looks like it was such a great Christmas for this hometown hero.

In early December some trade rumors surfaced that Frazier could be traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Los Angeles Dodgers. That now appears to be very unlikely after the Dodgers signed third baseman Justin Turner late last week.

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