Rivoli's closed their doors in 2016, but they're making a comeback in Toms River with Riv's Toms River Hub. The Hub just celebrated a Grand Opening, and by mid-November they plan to be finished with "Chase's Friend Zone", a special room for families of children with autism.

Chase's Friend Zone will feature sensory objects like bubble machines, cushioned 'crash pads', bean bag chairs, and sensory games on the walls. It's all geared toward giving those with sensory issues and their families an enjoyable dining experience. It will also feature its own entrance and exit separate from the rest of the restaurant.

According to NJ.com, the Rivoli family worked with autism non-profit KultureCity to help plan the room. The group will also certify all servers in the room, and the restaurant plans to hire individuals with special needs to bus the tables. Rivoli's will also donate 20% of the proceeds from the room to a local nonprofit organization.

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