A recent social media post showed disgusting conditions in the Toms River Popeye's.

The post went viral and got the attention of a few news outlets before it reached the Ocean County Health Department.

After their inspections, the Health Department found "minor violations but no signs of the unsanitary conditions" that were shown in the video. The minor violations included a leak that has to be fixed (but it didn't involve contact with food) and a door that did not shut properly.

The manager of the restaurant said some of the pictures posted to Facebook were taken at the end of the day before cleaning was completed, but others were not of that location at all and were just posted to give the restaurant a bad reputation.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This whole thing stinks (pun sort of intended). There have been plenty of viral stories depicting gross situations at restaurants, so there is always a chance that someone wanted to fake a situation to get their viral fame. The employee could have collected some pictures of equipment waiting to be cleaned, add in some stock photos of bugs or whatever, and claim it was all from one location.

However, it's also totally plausible that once the post started gaining momentum online, the store owner and manager went into panic mode and pulled out all the stops to clean things up before the Health Department arrived.

Will this keep you from going to Popeye's?

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