A couple of weeks ago I told you about an amazing little boy who wanted only to help the animals instead of getting any birthday presents for his 5th birthday.

With your help and the assistance of other compassionate people, you can clearly see that this wonderful and remarkable child did indeed make a difference for the Toms River Animal Shelter residents.

According to Ethan Wojdyla's mother, Kathleen, they raised $365 in cash, checks and gift cards, 230 lbs of food, 71 toys, 29 packs of treats, and countless blankets and towels.

At only 5 years of age, this young animal advocate has done more than some people do in a lifetime to help other creatures.

But he couldn't do it without your generous help, so thank you!

And congratulations to Ethan and his family for a job well done on behalf of the shelter animals!


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