He's a little boy who's turning 5 and all he wants for his birthday is to help the shelter animals. 

That's right, a young child is asking for ways to help homeless pets instead of getting birthday gifts for himself.

According to an article at examiner.com, Ethan Wojdyla wants to give to the Toms River Animal Shelter.

Ethan's mother, Kathleen says "he's a huge fan of watching Animal Planet" and when he sees t.v. commercials about homeless pets, he says, "Mom! Mom, we have to help them!"

And helping them is exactly what this little guy is doing.

Sometime in the next few weeks, his family will present the shelter with all the food, towels, blankets and gift cards that little Ethan has been collecting.

You can help, too, of course.

You can donate in Ethan's name at the Toms River shelter at 2201 Whitesville Road in Toms River.

Here's hoping a young angel disguised as a human named Ethan has a wonderful birthday party this Saturday and that all the love and unselfishness he's shown at such a tender age comes right back to bless him a hundred times over!

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