Inexplicably, the Mets have promoted Tebow from the Single-A BlueClaws to the "High A" St. Lucie Mets. The difference between A and High A is sort of vague, but regardless it is considered a promotion. Tebow's next steps would involve a trip to Binghamton for AA, Las Vegas for AAA (Tebow in Sin City!) and then finally reaching Citifield to play in the bigs.  

"I'm not sure how to interpret that" is always a great thing to hear from your General Manager.

Free Beer and Joe still have an on-going bet regarding Tebow. If I remember right, if Tebow gets at least 20 at-bats in the majors, Joe owes FB $100. Washington is running away with the NL East, so by September the Mets might really have nothing left to lose. If Tebow gets a late-season call-up, it would guarantee a spike in ticket sales, plus a boatload of jerseys/tshirts/whatever, so I think it's increasingly likely that Tebow is a Met some time this year. If he manages to play in 4-7 games, he can pick up 20 ABs no problem.

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