I had gone to my mother's house a little while ago and was helping her clear some stuff out of the attic. A lot of boxes belonged to me or my sister, so I spent a little time waxing nostalgic and going through my stuff.

I came across a binder full of ticket stubs, various movies and concerts, when I came across something awesome: my first-ever Yankee game.

varacchi yankees ticket

It's funny just how much I remember from that game. New York Yankees took on the California Angels, the Yanks won 7-2. Danny Tartabull and Mike Stanley each homered, and I remember my favorite player Don Mattingly crushing a ball that curved just foul down the right field line. I love the internet because I can actually get the complete box score from that game in case my memory ever gets fuzzy.

I also got a pregame autograph from Steve Howe, who was pitching for the Yanks in between suspensions for cocaine use, and he came in that night to pick up the save.

Beyond the memories of the game, just look at the damn price on that ticket - $14.50! I was sitting at field level, one section past first base. Obviously with the new stadium it's hard to find an exact location for comparison, but for that area, tickets are around $245!

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