I have discovered a very pleasant side effect from the Keto diet. Energy! I have lots of it and it needs to be put to some use. The problem is that due to the triple level spinal fusion that I had done on my neck(C3-C7); my options are limited. The fusion gives me limited mobility in my neck and shoulders.  It leaves me a %&*#! load of pain. What to do? Well, I discovered yoga!

I was fortunate to find Melanie, a yoga instructor in Ocean County.

Melanie is a contortionist and a drill sergeant but I love her for it.  She wants me to be the best that I can be. I actually pay to have her come to my house and bend me into shapes I didn’t think were possible. She came up with a routine that not only suited my needs, but worked around my strict limitations. Yes we do have a safe word. It’s OUCH. Not owww- not ooohhh but Ouch. No “Ouch”? She keeps going.

I’m happy to have found her.

All kidding aside, yoga is not supposed to hurt and Melanie makes sure that I don’t over extend as I am wont to do.

After 4 private lessons, I feel confident enough to move on to her Thursday night classes at Crossfit Razor in Lacey Township.  The best part is Melanie taught me variations and modifications to ensure maximum success.

Melanie has also been working with the Bayville School District. She has been teaching the elementary school children Mindfulness. The kids enjoy it, and the teachers and parents are seeing marked improvement with their children.

Melanie Mascola

There is definitely something to be said about Yoga and its benefits! Oh and here’s where the Russian split comes in. Less than a decade ago I was able to do a Russian split. Well it’s time to limber up and get back down on the ground. I’m giving myself until the end of summer.

If you would like to learn more about public yoga classes, mindfulness or are interested in private lessons you can contact Melanie at mmascola1981@gmail.com or @inknlyrics (Instagram).

Until next time.

Rock on party people!

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