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It’s Valentine’s Weekend and no better time then now to talk about a street in Ocean County that I think gets the award for being the most romantic street in the county. Sounds crazy right? well it’s all in “loving” fun in honor of Valentine’s Weekend.

So what do I think is the most romantic street in Ocean County? It’s located on Long Beach Island.....ah your thinking it’s gotta be in Loveladies, right? YES but it’s a particular street! There is actually a street named Loveladies Lane lol

Imagine when you have to order something and you tell them I live on Loveladies Lane in Loveladies, New Jersey....that’s a lot of love on one street. So this is why I think the most romantic street in Ocean County is Loveladies Lane in Loveladies, Long Beach Township.

A little history about Loveladies.....it’s named after the man who owned land in the area circa 1871. Thomas Lovelady, according to Wikipedia, the name eventually evolved from Lovelady to Loveladies.

What are some “loving” street names in your neighborhood? Share some with us as we celebrate Valentine's Day Weekend ❤️

I know that this was a stretch, but you must admit this could be an address in a Hallmark movie....Loveladies Lane, Loveladies.

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