Like Macaulay Culkin’s famous expression in ‘Home Alone’, the reaction on host Sonali Bendre’s face after the 'India’s Got Talent' Grand Finale performance by the group "Bir Khalsa” says it all.

Their Jackass-like horrific act featured outrageous stunts including smashing fluorescent light sticks over their heads and chests, swinging sledgehammers at each other, and even rolling a vehicle (followed by a motor bike) over one contestant's head and body.

Since entering in the competition, the group became known for their dangerous tricks, but their final routine’s death-defying acts left the the crowd shrieking and the judges in disbelief . To make matters worse, Bir Khalsa didn’t even win despite all the pain and torture!

Watch the outrageous video from India’s Got Talent below. WARNING: this video contains graphic material.


Do you think something like this could ever be shown on America’s Got Talent?