I don't really get the allure of vanity plates. I love personalizing things, but as far as my car goes, I stick to various bumper stickers. I have seen a few really good vanity plates, so it made me wonder just what I could get away with.

There are a ton of banned words (including using numbers as substitution) when it comes to vanity plates. FUBAR and any variation (from FUBAR1 to FUBAR99 to 99FUBAR to 1FUBAR) is not allowed, nor is SNAFU.

I understand that plates like "EFF EWE" or "JIHAD" would be a problem, but I can't figure out why "ASH1EY" is banned.

If you scroll down to Page 20 of this document you can see the entire list.

Here are my 5 favorite banned plates:

ONANISM - fun, semi-obscure term (look it up)
3MTA3 - a mirror-image classic
URECTUM - damn near killed 'em!
SMEGMA - I'm just curious as to the type of person who would want that on their car
ROCKSNOT - again, someone tried to get this, only to be denied. Who was that person?

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