Here are the picks from the Hawk staff, don't blame us if we lose you any money.

Okay first, press play on this to get yourself in the proper frame of mind:

Now, onto the picks!

peyton manning
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

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Jennifer Lynn - Panthers 24-20.  "Cam Newton is a beast."

Andy Chase - Panthers 21-10 (or it's gonna be a tie).

Varacchi - Panthers 27-22.  I was .500 for Wild Card Weekend, .500 for Divisional Weekend, and .500 for Conference Championship Weekend. The Super Bowl will decide whether I have a winning or losing record for the 2016 playoffs.

cam newton
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Stei - Broncos 28-10. "Manning's last hurrah will be a good one."

Double Down - Broncos 33-20. "This game will be the passing of the torch between two great quarterbacks."

Pete Caruana - Panthers 28-17. "I have a friend that is a specialty coach on the Panthers. So I have to support the Panthers."


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