Stand-up comic and political satirist Bill Maher revealed that he bought a minority share of the New York Mets a few months ago.

Mets senior vice president of marketing and communications David Newman confirmed the deal is done and that Maher is a new limited partner.

Maher was born in NYC, and grew up in River Vale, New Jersey,  and says he has been a Mets fan his whole life. He wouldn't reveal how much he spent or how large a stake he owns.

Being a minority owner means he won't really be involved in day-to-day activities in regards to running the team. He won't have a say in personnel moves, hirings, firings, things like that. Think of it more like an investment, just a high-profile one.

Any Mets fans have an opinion either way?  Do you love or hate Maher based on his politics? Leave your comments below!


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