Full disclosure: I'm a Yankee fan. I have no specific ill-will towards Matt Harvey, but anything that highlights the mess that is the Mets brings joy to me.

The Mets suspended Harvey for three days without pay for "violating team rules."  Harvey was supposed to pitch at Citi Field on Sunday, but apparently was not with the team on Saturday. He says he went golfing Saturday morning, got a migraine, told the team he was staying home to sleep it off and would be back to pitch Sunday. The team says Harvey was AWOL on Saturday and had to punish him.

Info came out saying Harvey was spotted at a club until the wee hours of Saturday morning, and he finally held a press conference to admit he was out past curfew.

The latest twist? Harvey was heart-broken and went on a bender. Harvey had been linked romantically to supermodel Adriana Lima - and Lima was spotted just days ago at the Met Ball with her ex-boyfriend, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.Mets fans, where do you stand on Harvey? Do you want the team to keep him, do you want him to be traded?

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