A concert at the beach or park at the Jersey Shore is always fun.
If you've never been to a great summer concert series, here's a great one for you at Point Pleasant Beach.
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Just imagine a beautiful night, light winds on a summer Jersey Shore night, and some great music.
monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock
monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock
Throughout Ocean County, several towns have a Summer Concert Series. Sit back and relax and enjoy the night with your family and friends. The community comes together and there's nothing better than listening to some great music while the sun is setting.
We bring our lawn chairs and bring friends and we have a blast. Pt. Pleasant Beach is a gorgeous spot in Ocean County. It's a great place for a concert.

Pt. Pleasant Beach's summer concert series is Wednesdays in the month of August. You can catch two more concerts this month.
The next concert is Wednesday, August 17th, 2022. Summertime concerts are at The Bandshell on Arnold and Baltimore Avenue in Pt. Pleasant Beach. Pt. Pleasant Beach Recreation invites you to their summer concert series. It's FREE and August 17th's concert is "Fly Me to the Moon" by a performance by Anthony DiDio.
It's a fun night out, grab a hot dog and other snacks, with the Pt. Pleasant Beach Recreation Department. Concerts are FREE, the food there will be a slight charge.
The next concert will be held Wednesday, August 24th at The Bandshell in Pt. Pleasant Beach. Remember the concerts are FREE, bring your lawn chair, relax after a day at work, and just enjoy. You deserve it.

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