Traditionally, the period post-Thanksgiving up until December 25th, our country goes into pure Christmas overdrive. In the past few years, it appears that we've begun Christmas Overdrive in August, but that is another debate for another day. No no, this blog is about the enduring debate that has raged on from the beginning of time: To carol or not to carol?

Very few things in our country invariably inspire PASSIONATE verbal debate and only one of them is non-political. Stop any person on the street and ask them what they think of Christmas music. Odds are you will get a sharply barbed response. Whether its "OF COURSE I LOVE IT, EVERYONE SHOULD!!! ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC DOESN'T LOVE AMERICA!!!!" or "I HATE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!! IF YOU PLAY IT, I'LL SHOOT MY RADIO AND GOUGE MY EARS OUT!!!" If you put these two opposing forces in the same room, odds are fists will fly and blood will shed. All I can say is...CALM DOWN. I'll admit it, I love Christmas music. I've been listening since November 1st. I'm not ashamed of this. Yet to some people, this makes me a terrible, stupid, cretin. To others it makes a folk hero. I don't want to be either. I just want to drape myself in a cocoon of pure Bing Crosby silk. Can't we save our energy for more important colored or non-colored lights?

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